We are IDESS 

IDESS is an independent organisation providing training sevices to the maritime and offshore industries.



IDESS is an independent organisation providing training services to the maritime and offshore industries.


  •  Offshore emergency response training
  •  Tanker and cargo operation training
  •  Offshore safety and survival training
  •  Navigation training
  •  Training and development services
  •  Specific company training requirements


  • Mission : IDESS is working to achieve its vision through the development and assurance of competence.
  • Vission : To be a leading partner in assuring workforce competency.
  • Core Values : IDESS is a socially responsible company engaging in many programs that benefit the surrounding communities and beyond.

Certifie ISO 9001:2015

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How to enroll?

email us at idess.tad@idess.com.ph and will notify you once the email has been sent.

What are the requirements to enroll?

Copy of Passport or Any Valid Government ID; Latest/Valid Company Medical Certificate in PEME Format; or Basic 5 w/ ECG; and Vaccination Certificate/ Card (Fully Vaccinated Only)

Latest News about IDESS

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Providing Basic Training for Academe- PUMMA

PANPACIFIC UNIVERSITY MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY (PUMMA) students to attend Basic Training Course at IDESS Maritime Centre Subic, Inc. On December 13 2021, the first batch of Panpacific University Merchant Marine Academy (PUMMA) cadets went to IDESS Maritime Centre Subic, Inc. to take Basic Training Course, with a 24 total number of trainees. Despite the COVID-19 Epidemic, IDESS Maritime continues to give services to students or trainees in order for them to fulfill one of the prerequisites for obtaining a seaman's book. After the first batch it was followed by another batch, and the most recent batch that they sent was on February 7, 2023 with now a total of 312 trainees. In this training it provides an opportunity for young people to be prepared for the transition from school to work, to discover the realities of work, and to be prepared to choose the proper career decision and has the resources needed to meet the standards, including a competent faculty with a diverse variety of experience and specialties. All of the training days, the trainees aim to raise their level of awareness, develop an individual skill in one or more areas, and boost overall productivity and performance. IDESS Maritime takes pleasure in upholding the highest ethical standards in all of its business operations. It is critical to us that we live up to our reputation as a company and industry partner, just like our relationship with the Panpacific University. 

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Prime Infra

Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX) will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime Infra. Prime Infra was found to be technically, financially and legally qualified as a transferee and as successor to Shell as operator of the Malampaya natural gas project. In November 01, 2022, the completion transferes control of SPEX  has been done. Prime Infra countinue sending tranees to IDESS.

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Latest Innovation in Offshore Training : CA-EBS

Compressed Air Emergency Breathing Apparatus . This system is a miniature version of the compressed air systems used by divers. The main difference is that with the EBS system you reuse your own air and with the CA-EBS system you breathe in ''fresh'' air. The CA-EBS system is the standard system used in the North Sea area.

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First Gen

IDESS is now with First Gen Corporation under LNG Terminal. Last March 13, 2023; the first batch of First Gen trainees. As we all know First Gen is one of the leading providers of clean and renewable power in the Philippines. Corporate Governance 

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TIER 3: Emergency Drill


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